A Beginner’s Guide to the Many Uses and Benefits of a Cool Pocket Knife

June 20, 2022

Are you one of those really cool pocket knife owners wondering what else this nifty tool can do? Needless to say, pocket knives are a versatile tool you can use for various tasks. While they are often thought of as simply a tool for cutting, pocket knives have many other uses and benefits. 

In this blog post, we'll explore the different ways to use a pocket knife and the benefits you can enjoy from having one. So, if you have just received a pocket knife, cool, this post is for you! Keep reading to learn more.

The visuals of a cool pocket knife

You'll find a pocket knife the perfect addition to your cool tools. In the first days of owning it, you cannot get enough of taking pictures from various angles to share the knife's beauty with the world. An everyday carry pocket knife is, indeed, an awesome tool to have, and behind its looks, it has plenty of practical uses that make it even cooler.

Handy packing and unpacking tool

Having a pocket knife is as good as having scissors and cutters around with the extra advantage of convenience; it would be as if the tool is just inside your pocket or hanging from your belt. So, if you have packages to open, get your pocket knife and use it to cut through the tapes holding the box close. On the other hand, if you are packing, the pocket knife is a handy tool for cutting packing tapes. With a pocket knife around, unboxing and packing are made easy.

Slicing and dicing ingredients

In the absence of a chef’s knife, santoku, or a quality knife, a pocket knife is as reliable in the kitchen. Meat, vegetables, fruits, and spices, a sharp pocket knife can handle them all. You can also use it to peel off vegetable and fruit skin. And does plating and adding garnish to everything you prepare matter to you? With a pocket knife’s size, you’ll have a suitable tool to help you slice and cut in detail no matter where you’re cooking. 

Game and catch preparation

In the outdoors, a hunting and fishing pocket knife is your best friend. It is especially helpful in preparing the different games you catch, beginning with the big ones like a deer or a boar. The short length of a pocket knife ensures that you can give it a solid grip. As a result, you can skin with excellence and gut the game without puncturing their innards. You can also scale and fillet the fish you catch and even open sea shells using pocket knives. 

Garden maintenance

Even gardeners would benefit from having a pocket knife as it is a handy tool for pruning plants. Maintain a garden that is free from dried leaves or withered flowers by getting them pruned regularly. Meanwhile, it is also useful when you want to harvest vegetables and fruits. Whether you plant outdoors or indoors, the sharp edge of a pocket knife is efficient in cutting the stem. Herbs and spices are also a breeze to pick: just unsheath your pocket knife and take some from the healthy shrub.

Kindling fire

You do not have to worry about a cold dark night outdoors when you have your pocket knife with you. You can use the robust knife blade to cut twigs and branches to kindle fire. Once the fire is lit, it is easier to add on bigger pieces of wood for a bigger fire that can last the whole night. Aside from the light and warmth, you now have fire to cook your sumptuous outdoor meals with ingredients also prepared using your pocket knife.

Opening bottles and cans

There are folding pocket knives containing a stainless steel blade designed with a can and bottle opener. This type of pocket folding knife makes it easier for you to grab and open a bottle of beer after a long day of hunting and fishing. Nevertheless, if you own a regular pocket knife, with the right opening technique, you can remove the bottle lid easily. 

Opening cans are no stranger to pocket knives. However, the task is notorious for making knife edges dull, so sharpen the blade later for edge retention.

Carving and whittling

Develop or hone a relaxing carving and whittling hobby that only needs wood and a pocket knife. Any artist can build something out of nothing, so every fallen piece of wood in your backyard or the wild are opportunities. When inspiration hits you or you intentionally stir creativity by learning more about your craft, you can easily pull out your pocket knife and get to work. Make sure to sharpen your pocket knife now and then, so every stroke you make creates the shape you want. 

Survival knife

Last but not least, among the many uses of a modern pocket knife drive us back to how our ancestors used knives—for safety and protection. When out in the wild, you’ll never know what you’ll meet, so the basic rule of the knife’s pointy end to poke at what causes danger will be applicable.

In cases of emergency and if the need for first aid arises, you can take out your pocket knife and help you prepare your needs to save and protect a life.

In Conclusion

A cool pocket knife is more than just for aesthetics; it is truly a nifty tool that you can use for a variety of purposes. So whether you’re a new owner just starting to explore the possibilities or an experienced user looking for some helpful tips, we hope this guide provides everything you need to know about pocket knife uses and benefits.

From a handy packing and unpacking tool to game and catch preparation, there are endless uses for these versatile little tools. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start using your pocket knife for all kinds of tasks!

If you need more information about hunting knives and multi-purpose knives, just keep exploring; we have more in store here on our website!

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