Quick Review: Top Benchmade Kitchen Knives and Outdoor Knives

February 16, 2022

If you love the great outdoors, you know cooking your food and eating them is part of the whole outdoor experience. And if you are like us, you also have used the same knife for both meal preparation and as cutlery. It is convenient. It is rugged. It is part of what makes the outdoor experience more exciting.

Benchmade gets it. And they have changed the game by designing outdoor knives so you can use them for any activities for cooking and eating with no limits. Check out this quick review of what's hot on Benchmade's products.

Top Choice: 5-Piece Benchmade Kitchen Knives

Our top choice among the Benchmade knife brands is this new innovative Benchmade chef knife set. This five-piece set includes four custom kitchen knives and a birch wood knife case. It is an exciting tool to have in your household because of these reasons:

Handcrafted Chef Knives That Double as Table Knives

These Pacific Northwest stainless steel knives are made for your and your family's needs both in the kitchen and in the dining room.

The Benchmade handmade chef knife can be used for any kitchen meal preparation. It is as reliable as any chef knife out there. It can be used to slice through meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables with the strength and precision that is above par with any regular cooking knife.

Once you are done preparing food, you can set this knife down the dining table before serving the meal. The knife's design adapts the table knife functionality and can be used safely and easily.

Outdoor Custom-made Kitchen Knives Reimagined For Indoors

Benchmade has done a spectacular job extending its product's usability. They have considered that outdoor enthusiasts, like you, are not always on an adventure. You can also be at home, cooking comfort food for you and your family. A few elements of their outdoor knives combined with a taste of home make one of the best custom kitchen knives you can have.

This four-piece table knife set has the familiar look of an outdoor knife but feels somewhere in between a chef knife and a table knife. Holding it feels empowering. You will be ready to do any variety of kitchen and dining tasks with these knives.

Use it indoors or take it outdoors. Put it to work on different dining tables and kitchens. These Benchmade knives will leave you nothing to worry about.


  • Chef knife and table knife combined
  • Aesthetics of an outdoor knife
  • SelectEdge feature for calculating cuts

Shortlist: Noteworthy Outdoor Benchmade Knives for Your Kitchen

To get to know Benchmade products a little more, we have curated a shortlist of versatile outdoor knives great for use both outdoors, whether in the kitchen or the table.

533 Mini Bugout Knife

This multipurpose, outdoor knife is new to Benchmade's Bugout family. It has a honed knife design meant to target the backpackers and the hikers who are notorious for packing as light and efficiently as possible.

This blade can easily slip right in your side pocket, ready to be used anywhere and anytime. When folded, this knife measures only 9.71 centimeters, while it measures 16.48 centimeters when opened.

It is also extremely light yet tough. It weighs only 1.5 ounces and is made of stainless steel grade of 58 to 60 on the Rockwell scale.


  • Folding blade
  • Extremely light
  • Safety push button
  • Color variations available
  • It can be used for camping, fishing, hiking
  • For slicing, mincing, and skinning small vegetables and fruits

Crooked River Knife

The Crooked River knife is a longer outdoor knife that can adapt to your outdoor meal and cooking needs. The 10-centimeter blade is enough to power through meat and other food ingredients.

The most notable feature would be the blade's profile and point type. The clip point and the hollow grind profile makes this knife capable of sturdy slices down a chopping block, which is great if you are switching from outdoor camping task straight to meal prep.


  • Sharpness profile that can cut through thick ropes
  • Blade length good enough to use as a kitchen knife
  • Slicing and dicing moderately-sized chunk of meat
  • Chopping, slicing, and mincing small food ingredients
  • Cleaning, filleting, and deboning fish

Benchmade Makes The Cut

The Benchmade knives featured above to make the cut for versatility in both the kitchen and the dining table. It is a premium product from a quality brand that's a bang for your buck. 

We recommend you get the 5-piece Benchmade Kitchen Knives for your everyday indoor and outdoor kitchen and dining needs. Meanwhile, the latter two knives serve as additional tools for your kitchen tasks as they would be best for more vigorous cutting work outdoors. In any case, these Benchmade knives are all exciting tools to have. Check out more of our knife reviews here.

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