A Hunter’s Must-Haves: Bring Home That Game With These Antique Hunting Knives

June 2, 2022

Hunting has been a popular outdoor activity for a very long time. In fact, ancient people hunted animals as their primary source of food and sometimes clothing; it was a means of survival for them. Over the years, different tools have been developed for hunting, from sharp stones and blunt axes to hunting knives. A sharp knife will come in handy to clean and butcher the trophy game from your hunting. 

For this article, we've searched the marketplace for old hunting knives for sale. These knives have a similar build and style that ancient people used for hunting. We’ll take a closer look at these hunting knives and see if they are still worth it during these modern times. Let's bring some flair and vintage style to your hunting game. 

Top 5 Knife Picks: Old Style Hunting Knives Worth Considering 

Vintage hunting knives are easy to reproduce because of modern technology, and most of the time, they are meant for displays only. Our top picks are not only the apple for your eyes. They are also 100% functional, sharp, and convenient. Let’s check out these hunting knives here.

celtic stainless steel knife

ARTIZANSTORE Antique Pirate Hand Blacksmith Knife

Product Description

  • The knife is similar to a Celtic and Viking-style hunting knife. This knife is forged from high-quality steel, giving it an age-worn and rustic look that falls under the vintage category. This knife is a must-have for collectors and hunters alike. 
  • The is forged from a single piece of high-quality steel that attributes to the blade's hardness. The knife is forged using heat treatment to ensure its durability and last for a long time. You can use this knife for daily activities as well. 
  • The knife doubles as home décor. The twisted handle of the knife makes it stand out. This is also an excellent gift for knife collectors and vintage knife enthusiasts. 

Product Lowlights

  • The hunting knife does not come with a sheath to protect the blade when you are not using it. Because of the odd shape of the knife and the handle, it won't be easy to find a sheath that fits this hunting knife. You'll need a custom-made sheath for this knife.
szco sgian dubh

SZCO Damascus Steel 12.5-Inch Scottish Knife 

Product Description

  • The SZCO knife is a Sgian Dubh Traditional Scottish knife which is a single edge knife with a triangle design and a pointed end that is useful in different hunting activities. The knife also has a Rosewood handle that adds a traditional but stylish look to the knife. 
  • The knife's blade is a high-quality Damascus steel that's hard and has excellent edge retention. The Damascus blade also creates ripple effects that add aesthetics to the knife. Furthermore, the pommel and guard of the knife are also made from Damascus to ensure the blade won't fall off the handle. 
  • The knife comes with a beautifully embroidered leather sheath to protect your knives when they are not in use. The sheath also comes with a loop on the top part to allow you to hook it in your belt for convenience. 

Product Lowlights

  • The knife blade is sensitive. Be careful when cleaning the knife. Never put the Sgian Dubh inside the dishwasher. Always hand wash your hunting knife with warm water and mild soap to avoid ruining the blade's look and quality.
antique hunting knife - szco ulu Alaskan knife

SZCO Cresent Blade Ulu Knife 

Product Description

  • This ancient hunting knife is a traditional knife from the Alaskan tribes. The blade's length is 5.5-inch and 3 millimeters thick. The knife has a crescent-shaped blade with a 4.5-inch handle. 
  • The Alaskan Ulu knife is crafted from premium stainless steel. The blade has excellent edge retention and is resistant to rusting and corrosion so that you can use the knife for a long time. 
  • The knife's handle is made from authentic bone or horn for extreme durability. It has brass spacers for a solid grip and allows you for a different range of motions. The textured handle is also slip-resistance to avoid any untoward accidents. 
  • This Ulu knife is versatile and can help you prepare food ingredients with this knife twice as fast compared to common kitchen knives, and you can also have many uses as a camping knife and a hunting knife. From chopping meat, deboning, slicing, and even skinning, all things you need in one knife. 
  • The knife comes with a genuine, hand-sewn leather sheath for easy storage. In addition, it has a brass button loop that allows you to carry it in your belt wherever you go. 

Product Lowlights

  • The crescent shape blade is uncommon for knives, so it may take some time to use it with your activities. Furthermore, the blade can be quite small for some users. So we don't recommend using it for large preparation of food ingredients or long periods of use.
antique hunting knife - engraved antique dagger

PH Artistic Antique Dagger Steel Knife 

Product Description

  • If you’re looking for old hunting knives, then the PH Artistic Antique Dagger steel knife is for you. This blade was used and forged a long time ago, as evident by the dents on the blade and its worn-out look. But don't let looks deceive you, for this is still a trusty hunting knife. 
  • This knife is a 16.1-inch, edgeless, straight blade. The knife is made from high-quality alloy steel from the blade's tip to the handle. The knife is also tempered to ensure its durability and guaranteed to handle heavy-duty work, especially when you catch big games with your hunting
  • This knife can withstand heat without damaging the blade. For example, you can put this knife on a fire so the heat can help you skin freshly-caught game, cut through tough meat or even frozen ingredients. 

Product Lowlights

  • This knife is a second-hand blade, so you can expect it to be dull and dented. Old blades need a special restoration to make the blade razor-sharp again. We suggest bringing this blade to a professional blacksmith. Please don't attempt to do it yourself to prevent further damage.
antique hunting knife - rajasthan dagger

Rajasthan Gems Antique Khanjar Blade Dagger 

Product Description

  • This is another antique knife that will make you feel you are in the middle east during the old times. The Rajasthan knife is curved with a pointed end and intricate steel handle that reflects traditional Indian culture. 
  • The knife's handle is made from alloy steel, while the blade is high-quality Damascus steel for excellent durability and edge retention. 

Product Lowlights

  • The knife's handle can be slippery when used in wet conditions, so be careful to use them because they are prone to slipping. Furthermore, the blade is curved, so this knife is better for slicing motions than for puncturing things.
antique hunting knife - deer antler decorative knife display

Storing Your Antique Hunting Knives 

A functional antique knife is definitely worth your money, but these knives are also a joy to look at. It is a shame to keep them at their sheath all the time. If you're a knife enthusiast, you can put your knives on display. To help you flaunt your knife collection, here are some of the best antique hunting knife cases that will go well with your beautiful blades. 

  • Home and Hadfield Walnut Finish Knife Display Case 
  • Jinchuan Wall Cabinet Knife Display Stand 
  • KA-BAR Dome Knife Large Display Case 
  • SZCO Aesthetic Antler Knife Display 
  • Wood Stand Display 3-Level Knife Holder 

These knife holders are among the most popular choices by knife collectors. There are more decorative holders to add more flare to your collection display that are worth looking at. 

Final Verdict 

It’s rare to find a quality antique knife that's functional and aesthetic. Most old knives need restorations for them to be functional again. These five picks are some of the best-used blades and reproduced antique knives in the marketplace. We guarantee that all these knives have merits and can accompany you with your hunting activities. 

If we are to choose the best hunting knife in the pack, the SZCO Ulu Crescent Blade Knife is a great addition to your arsenal. It's small, easy to carry, can do a wide range of tasks and twice as fast as other knives. Moreover, the Ulu knife will surely make your camping and hunting activities more convenient. 

You can also compliment the Ulu knife with SZCO Sgian Dubh for puncturing skins and other things in the wilderness. We hope this selection of antique knives helps you decide on your purchase. For more knife reviews, folding knives, kitchen knives, and other blades subscribe to our blogs for more information. 

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