Anolon Kitchen Knives: The Perfect 17-Piece Set for Your Household

July 3, 2021

Each person within a household has different food preparation styles and needs. Integral to this preparation is the use of knives for food items. Therefore, a household must have a variety of knives that meet specific kitchen knife requirements and satisfy a broad range of styles.

The 17-piece set of Anolon kitchen knives is what we have in mind as a recommendation. It has different knives that serve different needs and cater to all home cooks with varying styles of meal preparation.

Let’s find out more about why this is suitable for a typical household.

Anolon’s Journey Toward Making Knives

Anolon is a brand launched by its parent company Meyer Corporation, a cookware distributor founded in 1971. Fifteen years later, the company created a hard-anodized pan to address food sticking on the pan’s surface. They then launched these nonstick pans under the Anolon brand in 1986. The name was derived from “ano” of the anodized pan, which means “one.”

The first product line offered by Anolon was cookware. In particular, they launched two hard-anodized, nonstick pans: one caters to the everyday home cook, and the other one is for chefs.

After the launch of its fine cookware brand, the team behind Anolon identified a need for cooks to have outstanding kitchen products. Soon the product line expanded to bakeware, cutlery, and other kitchen tools.

Eventually, it led the Anolon brand to create its own competitive kitchen knife set.

Unpacking the 17-Piece Anolon Knife Block Set

In this article, we’re unpacking one of the best knife sets in the market: Analon’s 17-piece knife block set. We know Anolon’s reputation for making the best cookware, and we’re excited to explore Anolon’s other product line—more specifically, the cutlery.

We’re putting the attention on the 17-piece set of Anolon knives and diving deep into the details of what makes each knife the best tool to have in the kitchen.

This 17-piece knife set from Anolon includes all possible kitchen knives. Each serves a specific purpose in your food-slicing tasks in the kitchen. The set you’ll buy has the following items:

 1  Chef’s Knife  ●8-inch blade, stainless ●Primarily used as an all-around kitchen knife for both light and heavy food items.
 1  Bread Knife  ●8-inch blade, stainless ●Used for food items with a hard coating and a soft core such as a baguette, bread loaf, or cake.
 1  Slicer Knife  ●8-inch blade, stainless ●Used for cooked or smoked poultry, fish, and meat.
 1  Santoku Knife  ●5-inch blade, stainless ●Made specifically for dicing and mincing food items, particularly vegetables.
 1  Utility Knife  ●5-inch blade, stainless●Perfect for more precise chopping of small food items.
 1  Paring Knife  ●3 ½-inch blade, stainless●Ideal for more intricate cuts like peeling the skin off vegetables and deseeding
 8  Steak Knives  ●5 inches each, stainless●Primarily used for cooked steak but can also be used for slicing all kinds of cooked meat
 1  Kitchen Shears  ●Stainless●For items that would be difficult for a knife to cut, such as plastic sachets, packaging, and cartons
 1  Honing Steel  ●8-inch, stainless●Used as a quick sharpening tool for the knives’ edges
 1  Wood Knife Block  ●Acacia●This item holds all the items together in one place for convenience and to avoid misplacement.

The Anolon Knife Set Design

Anolon went for a simple, minimalist design for their 17-piece knife set. It is easy on the eyes yet still gives off the appearance of sophistication and functionality. The design would appeal to practical everyday cooking warriors and professional chefs alike.

Let’s break down the design attributes of these knives.

Clean-Finish Blade

The blade’s surface has no intricate patterns. Also, unlike other artisanal knives, you will see only the brand name and knife details etched near the bolster. It is a great choice if you’re keen on polishing the blade’s surface because flawless blades such as these give off a lovely shine.

Thick, Protruding Handles

Anolon has made the knives rounded with a protruding “curve” to them. This design helps with easy, effortless handling.

Meanwhile, the stainless steel cap on the knife’s pommel adds an excellent aesthetic touch and ensures the tang does not show when you put the knives back on the block.


The rivets add to the knives’ durability. Anolon opted for dual rivets instead of three to exude practicality. Each rivet holds the scale at the top and bottom of the handle, which is enough for keeping the handle’s scale and the tang together without wasting material on a third rivet.

Full Bolsters

The full, thick design brings durability to the knives, which makes it very unlikely that the blades will fall off. It also serves a protective function by allowing adequate clearance between your hand and the blade.

Features of Anolon Kitchen Knives

What puts Anolon’s knives among the best kitchen knives is the practicality of the features they integrate into their knives. They focus heavily on optimizing the handle because that’s where most of the interaction is.

The knives have more features in the mix that make them better.

SureGrip® Technology

The ergonomic handles of the Anolon pieces are made to accommodate a weakened grip. It is an excellent handle for use by cooks and chefs who are used to overworking their hands in the kitchen for hours.


The Anolon knife collection is entirely made of stainless steel and can withstand salty-air environments. It won’t rust; however, it is still best to keep the knives out of the water for long periods.

Full Tang

The full-tang blade extends to the pommel of the knives and makes them very durable as it keeps the integrity of the knife.

Forged Blade

What makes these knives the best is that the blades are forged for a more vigorous, tighter use. It also retains the sharpness of the edge a lot longer.

Materials Used

The materials that compose these kitchen knives are suitable for users with a more careful touch. If you enjoy taking care of your knife, you’d appreciate these Anolon slicing tools.

Read below for quick details on the knife materials.

  • Blade — 420J2 Japanese steel with a 50 Rockwell hardness (midrange strength)
  • Handle —  Santoprene with a silicone enhancement and a stainless steel pommel cap
  • Knife Block — Made of real-wood acacia to keep the blade dry

Final Thoughts

The 17-piece Anolon set is the best kitchen knife set you can use in your household kitchen. While we classify this Anolon advanced collection knife set to be midrange, it still has the features of high-end knives. It is the perfect set if you’re going after practicality and quality, as the price is suitable for this knife classification.

The set has a few hiccups. The much softer blade may require more sharpening, and the handle is prone to damage because of its thickness. These are all manageable, and you can avoid them with care and attention.

The bottom line is that if you’re not a hardcore knife user or a collector, this would be a practical addition to your kitchen. It looks good on display, wouldn’t set you back, and could last a lifetime with proper care.

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