A Guide to American-Made Kitchen Knives Types

May 3, 2021

If you are a person who likes cooking, the kitchen must be your favorite part of the home. Surely, there is also that one corner that displays your gleaming American kitchen knives in their sharp-edged, polished glory. 

Industry-favored kitchen knives made in USA are unique as they are forged to achieve the best quality in a knife. Knife manufacturers in America push the competition into creating better blades in all aspects, including sharpness, function, innovation, etc. 

Below are the different kitchen knives you can buy from American stores. Familiarizing yourself with the different knife types and how to use them effectively would be helpful. 

Best American-Made Kitchen Knives for Heavy-Duty Kitchen Needs

Chef’s Knife

American-made chef knives are the kings and queens of the kitchen. A chef’s knife is more than just a knife; it is an extension of the chef’s hand, one of the most used tools in the kitchen.

This knife is unique because it can handle all the cutting and slicing needs a chef needs. Despite being an all-around type of blade, a chef's knife is not recommended for peeling and carving meat. The 6 to 12-inch long knife tapered upward to a point is ergonomically designed to make it easier for chefs to rock back and forth while mincing herbs, meat, and other ingredients. 

For stability and durability, most chef’s knives are forged, made with a full tang blade, and customized to fit the size of the user’s hand. Chef knives made in USA also have these characteristics, but with the added reputation of having state-of-the-art quality, so much so that many aspiring cooks and seasoned chefs prefer to work with American-made chef knives—the best of the best.

Cleaver Knife

You will notice a cleaver knife in the kitchen because of its size and weight. Some seasoned cooks use this robust tool for crushing garlic and chopping raw meat, as it can cut through bones and muscles that are difficult to cut with a regular knife.

Bread Knife

Bread is one of the staples of the table. It can be consumed at any time of the day and is flexible for food pairing. You can have bread for coffee and tea, and you can also have it for your main meals. With that, you can count on kitchen knives made in USA to assist you in bread cutting. 

The bread knife has a serrated and sharp blade, allowing users to cut through bread without crushing it, maintaining its pristine look. The blade usually measures 7 to 10 inches and can also be used for slicing cakes and pastries. 

Boning Knife

This 6-inch long knife has an upward tapering blade with a pointed end to satisfy its deboning function. The size and blade design allow intricate cuts, while the thickness ensures that it can cut through tough meat. You can remove the flesh from the bones without damaging the meat. Because of its size, it is also used for fruits and vegetable peeling. 

Fillet Knife

A fillet knife is similar to a boning knife, although it has a thinner and longer body that proves useful for the more delicate types of meat, like fish and chicken. The sharp and pointy end allows piercing through skin, and the flexible blade enables the deboning and filleting.

Carving Knife

During big family celebrations and holidays, whole roasted chicken, turkey, or duck are commonly served as the table centerpiece. Slice the meat with grace and ease with a carving knife broad enough for large food. Having a carving knife handy on these special occasions ensures that the food reaches any plate in a perfectly cut condition because of its indented design, allowing you to release and distribute the meat quickly. 

Salmon Knife

If you are looking for a filleting knife for larger fish like salmon, you should include this 30-centimeter knife in your kitchen tools. The long built allows cutting and filleting large fish easier and more precisely. The salmon knife has blade indentions to ensure that the meat will not stick to the blade and increase untroubled cutting. 

Small But Mighty American-Made Kitchen Knives

Steak Knife

An excellently cooked steak is even better with a suitable knife to cut it. Made to cut any steak and meat dishes, the steak knife’s serrated, semi-serrated, or non-serrated blades ensure effortless cuts regardless of steak doneness. This knife will highlight the steak’s buttery softness as it cuts through the piece of meat with ease. The perfect tool to enjoy your favorite meaty dishes, it is one of the best American-made kitchen knives that should be a staple in any home and restaurant.

Paring Knife

Do you love creating garnishes for your meals and drinks? Do you want your food to taste good as it looks? The paring knife can be your perfect pair in achieving visually pleasing food and beverages.

Its 3-4 inch blade allows you to cut intricate details to your yummy design. The sheep’s foot, bird’s beak, and spear point tips variation will enable you to fulfill different cutting and slicing needs, including fruit and vegetables peeling. This small but flexible knife can also perform precise cuts on meat. 

Tomato Knife

Are you into tomato dishes? Do you have tomatoes on the table, whether fresh or baked, included in your dishes? Does your kitchen smell like heaven because of tomato salsa, tomato concasse, baked and roasted tomatoes? If you are into tomatoes this much, you should have this tool in your kitchen arsenal. It has a serrated end and sharp blade that allows you to slice and peel tomatoes while maintaining their perfect state. 


In a nutshell, you can always go for the one-knife-fits-all. Still, you can also find the best type of knife that will help you execute your cutting, slicing, mincing, boning, and filleting needs ideally. 

More than the knife type, going for quality knives are also important, so your blades can last long and serve more difficult slicing. Choosing American-made kitchen knives would be an excellent start. 

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