5 Excellent Contemporary Blade Alternatives to Vintage Case Hunting Knives

June 10, 2022

If you're a knife collector, you know that Case Hunting Knives is a brand that always comes up in conversation. And for a good reason! They make some of the best hunting knives around. Although antique Case hunting knives are hard to come by now, there are still plenty of knives from the brand that carry the old Case hunting knives' signature. 

In this blog post, we'll look at five contemporary Case knives which are as beautiful and efficient as their vintage ones. So if you are starting a Case brand collection or adding more to your array of beautiful knives, keep reading! This post is for you.

Folding Knife: Case Pocket Trapper Knife

pocket knife vintage case hunting knives

Knife’s best features

Some of the most famous from Case’s line are Case folding hunting knives, which feature two blades, one smooth and one serrated. The blade with a smooth edge is utilized for slicing, while the serrated one can be used to scale a fish or saw small branches and twigs. This old knife design often includes a yellow or warm white-colored handle.

If you cannot find this vintage knife today, the closest to its looks is the Case Pocket Trapper Knife. This folding knife also has a yellow handle and two blades. The knife also has the Case text logo on the handle.

Considerations when buying

Note that both blades in the Case pocket knife have smooth edges, unlike the antique designs that feature serrated and smooth-edged blades. 

Fixed Blade Knife: Case Lightweight Hunter

fixed blade vintage case hunting knives

Knife’s best features

Many vintage Case fixed blade knives feature a finger guard that ensures users' safety from cuts. If you cannot find this exact vintage Case knife, you can enjoy the same benefit when using the contemporary Case Lightweight Hunter. 

The knife has a finger guard too. The finger guard, synthetic handle material, and ergonomically shaped handle all work together to create a handle that is comfortable and safe to hold. Meanwhile, the 5-inch stainless blade is reliable for all-around indoor and outdoor slicing tasks.

Considerations when buying

You won’t get the antique feel that much as the handle is made of synthetics instead of wood or bone, and the sheath is made of nylon.

Toothpick Knife: Case Aquarius Corelon

Knife’s best features

The Case vintage toothpick knife has a clip blade used for game preparation. It is a knife that will surely be included when talking about colonial blades. Its handle either has a yellow color or is made with wood or stag bone

If you have scavenged through various antique stores and cannot find old versions, you can always go for the newly manufactured ones. 

Check out the Case Aquarius Corelon, which also has a stainless steel long clip blade. The handle will remind you of the sea because of the blue and green color combination. 

A few drawbacks

The Case Aquarius Corelon toothpick knife measures 3x7x4 inches, which some buyers commented are smaller than what they expected.

Drop Point Knife: Case Drop Point Hunter

Knife’s best features

If you are looking for a knife that is efficient in skinning and gutting games, a drop point knife is the best. There are plenty of antique Case drop point blades, but if you need something readily available, check out the Case Drop Point Hunter. 

This new blade will stand out in your collection as the 3 ¼-inch blade is printed with a brown deer with a backdrop of the wild. Adding to the charm of the knife is the stag bone handle. It is a pleasure to look at, and it is also efficient for use because the blade is durable and sharp stainless steel. 

A few drawbacks

This knife does not come with a leather sheath, so you cannot carry it around when hunting or exploring unless you find a customized case. 

Our Top Pick: Case Gut Hook Knife

gut hook vintage case hunting knives

Knife’s best features

If you have to pick one among this list of best contemporary Case knives as alternatives to vintage Case hunting knives, we recommend the Case Gut Hook Knife. This knife has a fixed 4-inch blade with a gut hook meant to open game without touching its innards and spoiling the meat. You can use the razor-sharp smooth edge to slice ingredients during meal preparation. 

The Case Gut Hook Knife is also aesthetically pleasing. The handle has rings of leather in various shades of brown in the middle part and streaks of maroon, black, and gray on the top and bottom parts of the handle. It is a hunting knife with a case that can keep you and the blade safe.

A few drawbacks

Gut hook knives are intended to fulfill a specific gutting task, but a drawback of this Case knife is the difficulty of maintaining the hook's sharpness. It requires a special sharpening tool to keep the hook razor sharp. 

In Closing

It's no secret that vintage knives are becoming more and more popular. Case is a reliable brand to invest in, but its vintage selection can also be difficult to find. The great news is that the contemporary knives from the brand still don the looks of their vintage products. 

We hope you can consider this list of contemporary blades from Case as excellent alternatives while searching for antique knives. If you need to pick just one, we suggest going with the Gut Hook Knife as our top pick! 

And if you need more information and choices, feel free to read more of our hunting knife reviews. We have more blogs about antique knives, Case hunting knives, and more!

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