Academy Hunting Knife Brings the Fun in Your Hunting Game

December 8, 2021

The hunt for the game is an immersive experience that brings a different kind of thrill and excitement for any game enthusiast. Part of what makes this sport so exciting is the use of appropriate weapons or tools that serve each hunting activity.

But while there’s undeniable excitement and thrill in hunting and shooting games, there’s no reason for any hunter to get any less excited during the butchering and dressing phase. There’s still something left to be enjoyed if you have the right kind of hunting knife from the Academy to help you prepare your game meat.

Academy: The Purveyor of Hunting Fun

Fun for all. That’s the mission statement of Academy Sports + Outdoors. This company that started as a tire shop in 1938 now has more than 200 stores in 16 states and is still growing. They have evolved from the humble tire shop to selling surplus, and in 1980, began selling an assortment of outdoor items, including hunting goods, up to this day.  

The accessibility of their stores coupled with a wide range of hunting knives is what wins the heart of hunting enthusiasts. Each assortment of Academy knives and tools carries its reputable brand. These branded hunting knives under Academy offer top-notch quality and features that anyone keen on hunting would love.

The Academy’s extraordinary selection of hunting knives and their excellence from operating years into the business—these are enough to turn your occasional hunting into a hobby, making the brand a purveyor of your kind of hunting fun.

Brief Guide in Choosing Your Academy Hunting Knife

Academy sports knives are just as good in quality and function as the next hunting knife they offer. This means you’ll only have to think about choosing what’s best for you without worrying about its quality.

Here are some things that you need to consider when choosing your hunting knife, whether you’re dressing, skinning, or cutting your game.

One of the standard academy pocket knives that have clip point and a black handle

Fixed Blade Knife vs. Folding Knife

The type of blade you choose would affect the kind of experience you'll get with your Academy knives. Let's get into the details so you can make an informed decision.

Fixed Blade Knife

The fixed blade offers a straightforward approach to dressing your game. The hunting knife with a fixed blade doesn't have any folds, so cleaning them after dressing would be straightforward, and you don't have to worry about dirt filling its fold. 

Fixed blades also don't have moving parts. Thus there's no risk of it breaking. It's solid and sleek, which makes it enjoyable to use on the hunting grounds.


  • Stable for piercing and stabbing
  • Durable


  • Bulky

Folding Knife

The thing about fixed blade hunting knives is that they are longer and heavier, making them difficult to pack. Academy pocket knives fall under the folding knife and can conveniently slip into your pocket or bag because it's shorter in length, lightweight, and more portable. This foldable knife is primarily suitable in an urban setting for everyday practical use but can also adapt to suit your outdoor hunt.


  • Multipurpose
  • Portable


  • Less durable

Drop Point vs. Clip Point

Knife points are what make your blade stylish, but there's also a purpose behind the knife point's design. Let's look past the aesthetics and find out what these knife points are capable of.

Drop Point

Drop points are the perfect shape for butchering types of activities, like carving or cutting the meat. Its tip is also heavier, which helps when you have to separate a joint or a bone to clean your game. Drop points also allow for more control, making it easier to manage the cutting without ruining the meat of the game's innards.


  • Durable because of a broader tip angle


  • Weak for piercing

Clip Point

If efficiency and practicality are your preference, then a clip-point knife is your choice of a hunting knife. You get more control and precision when slicing up the game with its narrow tip. The clip point is also excellent for stabbing because the tip makes it easier to penetrate flesh and can be quickly withdrawn because it isn’t as broad as the drop point.


  • Stylish
  • Great for piercing


  • Narrow blade surface area makes it weaker than a drop point blade.

Wrapping it up

To complete the hunting experience, the hunter must follow through to the end. Apart from hunting, there's also butchering, dressing, and, finally, consumption.  Academy knives have various blades and points to help you perform specific tasks you find meaningful and enjoyable. 

Whether it’s a multi-functional knife or a set of high-quality knives, always choose something that will suit your needs. As a hunter, Academy makes sure you get the best option for a hunting knife and the most enjoyment out of the whole hunting experience.

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