About Us


My name is Stefan and I am the owner, author and editor behind KnifeScout.

I’m from Germany but ever since I could carry a duffle back I’ve been traveling around the world.

I’ve always been fascinated with life, death and how to preserve the former.

Once I realized that I was far more likely to die from some SHTF event than ageing I simply had to get involved with the survival and preparedness community.

What good is your health if next week a looter (or the government) shoots you into the face?

Here on KnifeScout I write how-to articles, guides and gear reviews to help prepare and train people for the next disaster, whatever that may be.

The Best Of KnifeScout:

My Principles:

So what do I and this website stand for?

  1. NO HYPE. Survival is a serious topic. That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun prepping or that we need to live in constant fear.
  2. SHORT. I’ve had enough of twenty page long posts that lead nowhere. I try to keep things as short and practical as possible. No pointless ramblings.
  3. HONEST. I haven’t been a “survivalist” for too long. I make mistakes all day, every day. I think it’s more important to admit when you posted some shit and correct it than to “keep face”.

Well that’s it!

If you have any ideas, suggestions or if you’ve found some mistake on the website I’d love to hear from you.