The Fisherman's Essential: The RUNCLE 6-Piece Fillet Knife Kit

October 19, 2021

You're planning a quick fishing trip on the weekend with your buddies. It's going to be a fun-filled adventure. You're imagining sitting on a folding chair, talking over beers while the hook, line, and sinker are in the water—the ideal relaxation for a true enthusiast.

But if you're concerned about bringing more beers and think your river bag is set with all the things you need, you may want to reevaluate. Your pick-up-and-go fishing bag setup could use a RUNCLE 6-piece set. Throw it in there for good measure. Besides, you don't want to come unprepared. Here's what makes it a good choice.

Unpacked: RUNCL 6-Piece Fishing Tools and Fillet Knife Set

We are Introducing the RUNCL 6-piece fishing tool kit—a complete fishing tool from an up-and-comer brand that's been around since 2016. This 6-piece tool will make the entire fishing activity easier. If you want to set up your hook and bait, cut some wires, or clean, skin, and fillet your fresh catch, RUNCL will have the right tools ready for you. Let's unpack it:

 1  3600 Size Box  Used to hold together all the filleting equipment. This is considered a tacklebox because of the built-in compartments used to store lures and other small fishing items.



L - 11.4 inches

W - 7.5 inches

H - 1.9 inches
 1 6-Inch Fillet Knife
 The 6-inch knife includes a knife cover with open slots incorporated into its design to keep the water out and allow the knife's blade to air dry. This fish fillet knife rivals the best fillet knife blanks because it's easy to rinse and is more comfortable than holding blanks.


The knife's handle is made of non-slip material and is contoured for optimum grip comfort. As a result, you'll feel light holding the knife, and the effort of filleting a fish will not be tiring because of the ergonomic design.


Finally, the knife blade is made of stainless steel and is thin and flexible, so you can easily slice through the fish from the base of its head to its heel.
 1  Fishing Pliers  The fishing pliers are 5.5 inches in length, and their main function is to remove a hook on a fish. But you can also use it to cut wires and braids, hold small objects in place, or assist in pulling and splitting rings.
 1  Scissors  The scissor's total length stretches to 8.5 inches. Its blade is curved, which makes it convenient to cut open the fish or remove its fins. It is also multifunctional, with a built-in bottle opener to pop any bottle caps and a clip to crack small nuts.
 1  Knife Sharpener  The knife sharpener is portable and has a dual purpose. The blade sharpener has two intersecting bars on the sharpening slot where you insert fillet knife blades or scissor blades to sharpen both sides of their edges evenly. The hook sharpener is glued to the side where you can quickly run the tip of your hook so it can puncture easily when a fish is baited.
 1  R Hook  An R-shaped carabiner is a sturdy tool for hanging heavy objects on a dangling rope or wire. It can also transport objects over short distances. Just clip the carabiner on a cable and let it slide to get from one point to another. 


10-Grid Compartment

The toolbox comes with dividers that you can rearrange depending on your preferences. You can allow more space or add compartments.

Corrosion-Resistant Metals

The metal components of the scissors, knife, and pliers are made of stainless steel. These tools can be continuously exposed to water, and they will not rust. However, it is still advisable to dry the metal after exposing them to liquids.

Plier's Lock-in Design

The lock-in feature of the pliers is an essential add-on. It allows you to set a default grip setting for the pliers, so you don't have to squeeze the handles whenever you have to re-engage them. This frees you up from strains and makes turning knots and pulling hooks easier.

Non-Slip and Visible Handles

The handles are made of thermoplastic rubber (TRP) material that enables you to grip the handles tightly even when they're wet. The handle color is also in bright orange for visibility in both high and low light conditions.


  • There are more tools that bring more convenience to preparing and filleting fish. Normally you can use the fillet knife, but with the addition of the scissors and the pliers, it's easy to clean, gut, and fillet any fish efficiently.
  • The fillet knife and the scissors are sharp right out of the box and glide well when met with fish meat. It makes prepping the fish right out of the water almost too easy. The sharpener is a thoughtful addition to the set to keep your blades' edges sharp and ready.


  • The carabiner seems a bit awkward to use. It would have been better if it looked just like the common carabiners out there.
  • A pin bone tweezer would be an awesome addition to the mix if this tool were angling to be a fillet tool kit. It would be a bit awkward to use the pliers for removing pin bones, so a tweezer would be a fun addition to make this tool kit more functional than it already is.

The Fisherman's Trusty Kit

The RUNCL 6-piece tool kit is a worthy addition to a fisherman's river bag. This fillet knife kit has everything essential that a fisherman needs during a fishing and camping trip. In addition, the tool will help actual fishing tasks such as cutting braided lines, sharpening hooks, and removing them.

The functionality extends to the fish preparation. It helps you quickly and easily scale, clean, gut, and fillet fish. Perfect for when you're planning on catching multiple live ones. This set will make light work of cleaning all the fish you caught live and make it fun doing so.

Overall, the RUNCL tool kit is easy to buy, use, and bring. That's what makes it a trusty fisherman's tool kit.

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