The 5 Best Hunting Knives to Have in the Wild: Knives of Alaska Elk Hunter and More!

July 14, 2021

The outdoors is an exciting world. Plenty of scenic views will mesmerize your eyes and leave lasting memories in your heart. At the same time, you’ll experience an adrenaline rush when the hunting time comes. The emotions are a roller coaster, but the game preparation can be bliss when you have reliable hunting knives.

If you are still looking for a knife you can count on, let us give you some recommendations. This article is a Knives of Alaska review and a deep dive on other quality and reliable hunting knives.

Let’s check them one by one.

Knives of Alaska Elk Hunter

The Alaska Knife Company knows the needs of the hunting fans worldwide because they have ventured into the Alaskan wilderness themselves.

Through their experience, they have created the Alaska knives and the Trekker Elk Hunter, a 3.25-inch, full-tang, drop-point blade made of D2 tool steel, making it robust and capable of withstanding cutting the toughest skin or meat.

You’ll have complete control over your knife because of the ergonomically designed handle that even has a finger groove.


  • The spine of the Alaskan skinning knife blade is serrated, so you can also cut ropes and wood.
  • It has a durable cowhide leather sheath where you can keep the blade.
  • Only weighs 4 ounces


  • Customers say that some Knives of Alaska sheaths come with defects or blades arrive with unclear engravings of the brand logo.

Case Leather Hunter Gut Hook

Manufacturing since 1889, Case is one of the oldest and most trusted knife brands in America. Today, they have a wide array of knife choices, including different hunting knives. Still, we recommend that you try the Case Leather Hunter with a 4-inch blade made of stainless steel and tipped with a concave-ground gut hook.


  • The concave grind allows you to skin smoothly.
  • The gut hook enables you to slice through intestines and innards without puncturing them and contaminating your game.
  • Aside from the practical use of the knife, it is pleasing to carry around because of its beauty.


  • All knives are handcrafted, so the model picture will have differences from what you will get.

Buck Knives 110 Hunter

The Buck Knives 110 Hunter stands out because you can customize it! It is always good to have a reliable hunting knife, but a blade with an engraving of a significant symbol or even your name is way cooler.

The blade of this drop-point knife is 3 ¾-inch and made of 420HC stainless steel, so you have a handy yet strong knife to use in preparing the rabbit, hog, or deer you caught.


  • It’s a folding knife, so you can easily pop it in and out of your pocket before and after use.
  • Customizable
  • It comes with a leather sheath for additional protection.


  • The physical appearance of the Buck Knives 110 Hunter is not that visually pleasing.

Bobcat Knives Predator Hunter

Are you looking for blades that will take your breath away because of their beauty? Check out the Bobcat Knives Predator Hunter, which has a 4.80-inch blade made of Damascus steel.

The blade has unique patterns created by the forged 15N25 and 1080 high-carbon steel that perfectly match the natural look of the wooden handle. The sheath also matches the earthy vibe the knife exudes because of its brown and black hues.


  • A charming knife with unique details on the blade from forging
  • High-carbon steel makes it tough and ready to assist you in game preparation and outdoor cutting and slicing.
  • Designed with a finger guard to ensure that your hands are safe despite tough gutting or skinning tasks


  • High-carbon steel is a material susceptible to corrosion, so you’ll need to perform proper knife care to ensure the excellent condition of the blade lasts.

Puma Prince Stag Folding Hunting Knife

Last but not least among our recommended hunting knives is the Puma Prince Stag folding hunting knife. Its handle uses stag bone, the most common and one of the most rigid handle materials used for hunting knives. Aside from the durability of the stag bone handle, it is eye-catching because of the natural lines and the earthy brown color.

The blade is equally sturdy, carrying the toughness of German steel. The clip-point blade is only 3.74 inches long. When closed, you can slide the 5.64-ounce, 5-inch knife into your pocket.


  • Highly portable and durable
  • It has an attractive, wild-looking design.
  • The clip-point blade makes the knife suitable for all-around use in camp.


  • The staghorn handle may be slippery, especially when wet.

Final Thoughts

All these hunting knives are worthy of a spot in your hunting backpack or your pocket. We assure you that they will serve you well after a day of hunting as you can prepare your game and ingredients with ease and make a sumptuous meal out of them. Even your camp and fire preparation can be quicker with the all-around cutting capabilities of these knives.

On top of the practicality, these hunting knives are also a pleasure to bring because they are eye-catching. Your hunting companions will not be able to help but ask the model of your hunting knife and where you bought it.

Since you had researched well before you purchased any of these hunting knives, you can effortlessly answer these questions and even recommend to your hunting buddy what hunting knife they should buy next.

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