4 Top Custom-Made Hunting Knives for the Hunter in Your Life

August 4, 2022

Do you have a special someone who would very much appreciate handmade hunting knives? Custom hunting knives bear another level of quality and intricacy that mass-produced hunting knives don’t have. For instance, most mass-produced knives are made from stamped steel, which means they’re cut out from the same sheet of metal in the factory.

Meanwhile, custom-made hunting knives for sale are usually forged by hand. A blacksmith hammers a scorching metal piece on an anvil to turn it into a blade. This traditional process of making knives brings in the benefits of a stronger blade, better sharpness retention, and an undeniably beautiful aesthetic. Such a delicate custom knife makes a perfect gift for any custom knife-lover!

Below are some of the finest handmade knives for sale that the custom hunting knife-lover in your life will love!

Nooraki BK71

custom made hunting knives - Nooraki BK71

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✅ Pro: Hard Damascus Knife

Unlike most hunting knives in the market, the Nooraki BK71 is hand-forged. When it comes to knives, seasoned hunters and knife enthusiasts prefer the authenticity and performance that only a hand-forged knife can provide. The blade of the Nooraki BK71 Damascus steel knife achieved a rating of 60 to 62 HRC on the Rockwell scale, which you can usually expect from Japanese kitchen knives.

✅ Pro: Well-Balanced Knife

Some handmade knife manufacturers save manufacturing costs by producing half-tang knives that have only a small portion of the blade extend up to the scales or its handles. The Nooraki B71 hunting knife comes with a full tang design, which means that the blade extends up to the butt of this fixed blade knife. This design results in a much more balanced feel while gripping the custom hunting knife.

❌ Con: Too Thick for Deboning

A hunting knife is not merely for show; it’s also a practical tool for hunters. Many would even argue that you shouldn’t go out on a hunt without a fixed blade knife on your belt. While out on a hunt, you may have to debone a freshly caught game to prepare it for transport or consumption. Unfortunately, the Nooraki B71’s blade is too thick for such a task.

BigCat Handmade Hunting Knife

custom made hunting knives - BigCat Handmade Hunting Knife

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✅ Pro: Exquisite Sheath and Scales

Whether you want a fancy-looking hunting knife for yourself or give it as a gift to someone else, the BigCat Handmade Hunting Knife won’t disappoint. Aside from its beautifully designed blade, it also comes with a smooth leather sheath that you can use to store the hunting knife safely. The sheath comes with an EDC belt loop, letting you attach it to your hunting belt.

✅ Pro: Exceptional Workmanship

Many seasoned knife enthusiasts praise the BigCat Handmade Hunting Knife for its excellent workmanship. The exceptional quality of this hunting knife becomes more apparent the closer you look at it. While spotting real Damascus steel requires a trained and experienced eye, this hunting knife bears the marks of quality workmanship, whether it’s a real Damascus knife or not.

❌ Con: Lacks Sharpness

When you receive your BigCat Handmade Hunting Knife, you may need to take out your knife sharpener and run your newly bought hunting knife through it. Many customer reviews report that this hunting knife ships out with a dull blade. 

Some seasoned knife enthusiasts find it difficult to sharpen the BigCat Handmade Hunting Knife due to the “granular substance” in the steel.

Grace Knives Damascus Steel Hunting Knife

 custom made hunting knives - Grace Knives Damascus Steel Hunting Knife

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✅ Pro: Genuine Leather Sheath

At such a relatively low price, you would expect that the Grace Knives Damascus Steel Hunting Knife wouldn’t come with a sheath. You would be surprised to know that this affordable handmade hunting knife comes with a sheath made of genuine leather. That’s a nice and unexpected touch that any knife enthusiast will appreciate.

✅ Pro: Affordable Price

Sold at $36.99, the Grace Knives Damascus Steel Hunting Knife comes at a relatively cheap price compared to its high-end counterparts. Whether you’re buying it as a gift or for personal use, the affordable price tag will surely sway you to add it to your Amazon cart.

❌ Con: Sheath Strap Comes Loose

The genuine leather sheath exhibits good quality for the price. However, the strap it comes with often comes loose. This could be a hazard, especially if you ride a dirt bike or a horse to go to your hunting trail.

SharpWorld Damascus Steel Hunting Knife

custom made hunting knives - SharpWorld Damascus Steel Hunting Knife

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✅ Pro: Excellent After-Sales Support

Often, you would have difficulty reaching the manufacturer for warranty claims or inquiries about their product. Many customers who had to contact the company to have their SharpWorld Damascus Steel Hunting Knife replaced experienced excellent after-sales support, with the company responding and sending another unit almost immediately.

✅ Pro: 13 Different Variations

If you are picky when it comes to how your hunting knife looks, you would be relieved to know that the SharpWorld Damascus Steel Hunting Knife comes in 13 different color variations. The blade bears a Damascus steel etching on all variations.

❌ Con: Reports of Factory Defects

Quality control ensures that every customer receives the product in the ideal condition. Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem with the manufacturer’s quality control process, as some customers will attest. For example, one customer reported that their SharpWorld Damascus Steel Hunting Knife’s scale fell apart after taking the knife out of the box.

The Bottom Line

You can find many custom hunting knives for sale, but not all of them bear the same quality. Some hunting knives are forged, while others are stamped. However, this doesn’t mean that forged means better, as you saw in our selection above. Stamped steel knives, as long as they’re made from quality materials, can perform better than a forged knife.

Whichever you buy for your knife-enthusiast hunter, you can expect that they will love these handmade hunting knives and bring them to their next hunting trip. If you need more options to choose from, head to our hunting knives section for more product reviews.

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