A Comprehensive Review of Chef’s Choice 15-Degree Knife Sharpener

March 30, 2022

Picture this: you're in the middle of cooking a delicious meal for your family or friends, and everything is going according to plan. You've got all your ingredients prepped, and you're ready to start chopping away. 

But as time goes by, you notice that your knife is looking a little bit dull. Suddenly, chopping fruits and veggies doesn't seem like such an easy task anymore. Your grip loosens, and you've cut yourself before you know it. Sound familiar? Many of us have experienced it! 

Dull knives are not only a pain to cook with, but they can also be dangerous. For this reason, having a good sharpener is essential in the kitchen. We are excited to introduce a great way to turn your dull blade into a double-edged knife. Using the Chef's Choice 15-Degree Knife Sharpener, you can keep your blades in top condition. 

With just a few quick strokes, you won’t need to be troubled in continuing your slicing and dicing game in the kitchen. In this post, we will discuss some of the key features of this knife sharpener and enumerate some advantages on how it can help you get back to cooking your favorite dishes. 

Look Smarter: What Are the Standards for the Best Knife Sharpener?

Cooking is an art form that can be as simple or complex as you make it. Even the most novice cooks can produce edible results with little instruction. On the other hand, improving your kitchen skills takes a lot of practice, including using the right tools. As one of the common kitchen accessories of professional cooks, you should ensure that your kitchen knives are sharp and ready for action. 

So what are the standards for the best knife sharpener?

Quickly Sharpens Blades

A powerful sharpener should be able to sharpen your knife and hone any edge in just a minute. Who wouldn't want to give their kitchen knife an instant makeover? Having a keen knife lessens your kitchen work and prepares your meals more efficiently.

Works on Various Knives

A good knife sharpener doesn't only work with one blade. It should be able to sharpen all types of knives, including serrated, curved, or household knives.

Won't Damage the Knife

There are circumstances where knife sharpeners go overboard in honing and polishing the knife blade. Consequently, the knife blade may corrode and become blunt over time.

Designed for Safety

Anyone who has ever tried to sharpen a knife knows that it's not as simple as it sounds. Unsafe cooking means you can easily cut yourself if you’re not cautious. Therefore, you must be able to use a sharpener that refines your blades effectively and with convenience.

At a Glance: The Best 15-Degree Knife Sharpener

Chef’s Choice 15-Degree Knife Sharpener

These days, it can be overwhelming to look for the right knife sharpener that helps your kitchen knife to cut more precisely and efficiently. But take it easy because a 15-degree knife sharpener from Chef's Choice has the kitchen quality and standard you are looking for. 

Product Details:

This best knife sharpener for kitchen knives is ideal for professional cooks who possess Asian and European/American-style knives and wish to acquire great, fine-edge blades without spending too much time. Below are the other product specifications that make it suitable for your knife accessories.

  • Name: Professional Angle Select Manual Knife Sharpener
  • Product Dimension: 9.25 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Item Weight: 8 ounces
  • Material: Plastic
  • Choice of Color: Black
  • Knife Angle: 15°, 20°
  • Sharpening Element: Proven to be 100% diamond abrasive
  • Sharpening Method: Diamond Plated Wheels
  • Final Stage: Micro-Serrated Polished Edge
  • Number of Bevels: 2
  • Knife Type: Suitable for serrated knife and straight edge
  • Sharpener Grade: Professional

Best Feature: CrissCross Advanced Sharpening Technology

The innovative criss-cross sharpening process produces an incredibly sharp, reed edge for your kitchen knife. Furthermore, diamond abrasive wheels are used as sharpening elements to prevent detempering due to friction heat. Correspondingly, it simultaneously hones "into" and "out-of" the edge for a better, burr-free edge that cuts effortlessly. 

Other Great Advantages of Chef's Choice

Aside from the sharpening technology, below are other notable advantages of this Chef’s Choice knife sharpener.

Precision Bevel Angle

Sharpen your 15- and 20-degree knives with a professional 3-stage sharpener for razor-sharp edges. It only takes a second to adjust to the proper angle and edge bevels and then sharpen your blades, so you'll be able to go back to cooking faster than ever before.

Secure Grip

A poor handle is one of the factors that makes kitchen knives dull to use. The Chef's Choice manual sharpener features a soft-touch and comfortable handle so you can sharpen your knives without fear.

Stronger and Durable

This 15-degree knife sharpener is constructed of a natural substance that is made to be stronger and more durable. Thus, it is a great option for busy kitchens or heavy use. 

Suitable for All

Most professional cooks have a variety of knives to use in their kitchen. With Chef's Choice, you don't need to purchase different knife sharpeners that suit the type of knives you have. This kitchen device can handle several quality knives: straight edge, serrated, sports, and pocket knives.


Knife sharpening does not have to be tricky. Luckily, Chef's Choice tool sharpener is made with a simple design that engages chefs to get the cooking job done easily and quickly. It’s also small, so it’s perfect for cluttered counters and small kitchens.

Low Stars: Potential Setbacks You Need to Anticipate in Using This Knife Sharpener

Most cooking enthusiasts know that preserving the quality of their best kitchen knives is one of the things that they should prioritize. Thus, buying a professional-grade sharpener is of the utmost importance. However, before you add our recommendation to your cart, you should also consider the drawbacks of this particular device.

Wears Out Quickly

Some customers indicate how it doesn't work as advertised. To further explain, the knife sharpener functions wonderfully at first. Unfortunately, the sharpening wheel only lasts for months until it finally wears out.

Not Worth the Price

Given the price range, it only works as needed. It doesn't go beyond the extra mile, especially in the rate of cutting.

Not for Left-Handed Cooks

Certain users have found it challenging to use, especially if you are left-handed. As a result, its overall safety and efficiency are quite concerning.

The Verdict: Should I Use This as My Go-to Sharpener?

Chef slicing bell pepper in a wood chopping board

Chef's Choice has several fantastic models with unique features, so make sure you take advantage of all they offer. However, you must anticipate any potential setbacks before making your purchase since it's apparent that some people haven't had the best experiences with this sharpener. 

Nevertheless, you don’t need to be discouraged. With proper use and maintenance, this should not be an issue. Make sure you take the time to read about how to get the best results before taking it out of the box. Here at Knifescout, we aim to assist you in determining the right way of preserving the quality of your knife. Remember, even if your knives aren't dull, keeping them properly sharpened will make your life much easier.

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