10 Top Benefits of Owning a Bubba Fillet Knife: Facts All Fishing Enthusiasts Must Know

June 25, 2021

A view of endless seas and the orange, yellow, and blue hues of the rising sun on the horizon—these are just some of the scenes that take your breath away on a fishing trip. Whether you’re on a boat catching fish or in a little hut near the shore preparing your catch, the view is a welcome sight.

You can sustain this relaxed feeling and drop the worry when you have everything you need, especially a good knife and tool set like what the Bubba brand offers. If you have no filleting knife or tool set yet, consider getting Bubba for these ten reasons.

Bubba Fillet Knife: A brand by anglers for anglers

In 2011, knifemakers on the coast of San Diego, California—who are also sea adventurers—thought of creating a knife to assist them in preparing their catch. That year, Bubba launched its first two fillet knives, the 9-inch stiff and the 9-inch flex, and the story of fillet knives and tools to assist anglers in fishing began.

From San Diego, the brand expanded to selling overseas in Australia, Canada, Belize, and Panama. It even partnered with US stores and outdoor brands to resell Bubba’s fillet knives and outdoor tools. They also sell their knives online, so you can get these wherever you are in the world.

Blade materials = robust knives

Part of Bubba’s mission is to produce knives that will make every angler’s daily life comfortable. To do so, it created knives that can withstand both fresh- and saltwater environments and will not rust quickly despite constant exposure to wet and moist conditions.

With that, all knives from Bubba are high-carbon stainless steel coated with titanium nitride. Both materials ensure that you have blades that won’t rust quickly and are robust enough to cut through tough fish meat and bones. You can fillet, slice, and prepare big catches like trout or blue marlin more easily, especially with the right blade length.

Varied blade lengths for different types of catch

From two primary blades that measure 9 inches, Bubba now has knives with blades measuring 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 12 inches, which you can use depending on the fish you are preparing.

For example, you can use the shorter blades in preparing small fish like crappie or bass, while you can use the knives with longer blades to fillet bigger fish like a walleye or northern pike. If you are using electric knives, you can use the blade replacement set and change it according to the size of the fish you are preparing.

Choose from different blade flexibility levels.

Aside from different blade lengths, another benefit you’ll get in choosing Bubba is having a choice as to your knife’s flexibility level. Bubba has the following flexibility scale indicating how pliable the blades are:

  • Ultra Flex
  • Tapered Flex
  • Flex
  • Stiff

Each flexibility level can help you prepare different types of fish. For example, if you are preparing small fish or need more precision in cutting fish bones, you can use Ultra Flex blades, but you can use the Tapered Flex if you need a little stability for a medium-sized catch.

For bigger fish and thicker meat and bones, the Flex and Stiff blades are best as they provide the control you need to move the edge smoothly through the fish meat.

Pocket, folding, or fixed-blade knife designs—all check!

Bubba understands that each angler has different preferences when it comes to knife designs. Some fishermen would like to have their knives within their reach or inside their pockets, while others are more comfortable using knives with fixed blades.

However you classify yourself, Bubba has a knife for you.

Fixed blades

  • Scout 3.5-Inch Pointed Dive Knife
  • Scout 4-Inch Blunt Dive Knife
  • 9-Inch Serrated Flex
  • 9-Inch Tapered Flex
  • 6-Inch Ultra Flex
  • 12-Inch Flex
  • 9-Inch Stiff Fillet
  • 8-Inch Ultra Flex
  • 9-Inch Flex

Folding knives

  • 7-Inch Tapered Flex
  • 5-Inch Lucky Lew

Pocket knife

  • Sculpin Pocket Knife

Bubba also has pocket knives for hunting and their version of chef’s knife, the Proteus Ulu Knife.

bubba fillet knife fishing

Well-thought handle design

You’ll easily recognize Bubba because of its handles that have striking red colors. Aside from the color, the design of these handles ensures a safe and solid grip. Each handle has finger guards that are wide enough that the blades won’t slip from your hands no matter how slimy the fish you are preparing is or how wet the working environment is. You will remain injury-free.

The thermoplastic polymer handles with synthetic rubber coating also have a trigger-like design that your index finger can grip. With this design, you can hold the knife steadily and fillet your catch seamlessly.

Sheaths for another level of safety

Bubba prioritizes your safety as much as you do. With that, all of their knives come with synthetic sheaths with Velcro straps to ensure that the blade cover stays in place and will not slide open, causing any accidents. These sheaths are in black, which complements the red handles perfectly. With Bubba knives, you’ll have knives that are usable and visually pleasing.

In addition, the knives’ handles also have holes for lanyards so that you can hang the knives on your backpack, belt, kitchen knife rack, or boat tool rack.

Electric knives with or without a cord—they got it!

Electric knives are not just knives; they are blessings to people who fillet tons of fish daily. Yet, you can also use them if you are filleting just a couple of fish, as they can make the process faster.

Bubba has both corded and cordless electric fish knives.

  • Pro Series Cordless Electric Bubba Fillet Knife
  • Lithium-Ion Cordless Bubba Fish Fillet Knife
  • 110V Electric Corded Bubba Fillet Knife (Fishing)

All three provide a less stressful way to fillet fish as the blades automatically make the slicing motion. Cordless electric fish knives are more useful outdoors, but if you do not want to charge batteries frequently, you can go for the electric knives with a cord.

You can have their set knives too!

Who does not want a knife set? With a set, you will have different blades for different fish types and sizes you catch.

Just a heads-up: the set from Bubba is not the typical knife block you have in the kitchen but a set of four blades and a single handle. You can interchange the blades by detaching and attaching them accordingly.

Bubba also has a set that includes a 7-inch Tapered Flex knife with 7-inch fishing pliers, which can help you in your fishing preparation and fish filleting. Another set of blades are replacements for electric knife blades.

One-stop shop for fishing tools

Look no further for other tools you’ll need for fishing. Aside from knives, Bubba manufactures other tools you’ll need from the moment you prepare your fishing rod, lines, hooks, and lures.

  • Cutters
  • Pliers
  • Nipper and tether
  • Shears
  • Gaff
  • Hook extractor
  • Fishing nets
  • Sharpening steel
  • Fillet gloves
  • Fishing apparel

All these tools bear the Bubba brand color of red and black, so if you want themed tools and fishing gears, it is better to get them from a single store. Usability of the tools is already a guarantee; the aesthetics are another bonus!

In closing

The sea is calling, as well as all the catch you can get. Keep the momentum going and the energy high as you go through the relaxing and exciting process of catching fish. Once you haul back your catch, prepare them smoothly using knives or sets from Bubba.

After knowing these facts, all you need to do is visit Bubba’s website or check if a retail store near you has the brand. Whichever design you get, whether classic knives or electric ones, we assure you: you’re getting the best.

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