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10 Reasons To Buy The BEST Survival Knife You Can Afford

Food, warmth, shelter, even safety:

Your survival knife can supply you with everything you need.

Yes it’d be better if you would bring some other stuff as well but a knife is like the foundation of a house.

If you have one you can survive. But without one you’ll struggle for sure.

Just see what you can do with nothing but a knife:

#1 Cut Wood And Make Firewood (e.g. “Batoning”)

Batoning done right.

You can cut down and process an entire tree with nothing but your knife.

Chop off saplings, branches and leaves to make firewood, wooden tools, tent poles or sticks for barbecue.

A survival knife can split logs just as efficient as an axe.

This is called batoning: You use a heavy object (like a stone) to hammer the spine of your knife and cleave the wood.

In theory you could build an entire log cabin with nothing but your knife and a lot of sweat.

#2 Start A Fire

Matches can get wet, your lighter can run out of fuel but a survival knife combined with a fire starter provides an unlimited, unbreakable source of super hot sparks.

This works in any weather. All you need is fuel and dry tinder.

The smart survivor packs some Vaseline soaked cotton balls. They are waterproof and deliver a hot six inch high flame for up to one minute when ignited.

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#3 Build Shelter

A REAL survival shelter.

After you got a fire burning, it’s time to build a neat survival shelter.

Without a proper shelter chilly nights or rain can be outright life threatening.

But luckily you only need your knife and some cord or rope to build a comfy refuge:

Cut sturdy branches to use as your shelters backbone.

Next, arrange a net like structure around these branches with smaller sticks or saplings and cover everything with bush and leaves.

And voila… you won’t freeze to death tonight!

#4 Hunt, Trap And Fish

It’s no fun to brave the wilderness on an empty stomach.

But your knife will help you to get fed:

You can make a wooden spear and try to stab small game or fish in a river, build snare traps from wood and cord or construct a makeshift fishing pole from a branch, some thread and a nail or hook.

While real hunters prefer hunting knives to skin their catch a survival knife works just fine to skin, gut and clean game.

And if you’re really hungry you can always look for other survivors and just steal their shit at knife point.

#5 Prepare Food

How are you gonna eat THAT without a knife?!
Ever tried to cook without a knife?

Your survival knife will come in handy to cut meat, foraged vegetables and other ingredients for your stew.

If you’re too lazy to cut branches you can use your knife to lift hot objects like the lid of a pot, without burning yourself, or as a heat resistant barbecue stick.

Be careful though when you use your knife as a fork or spoon because nobody likes to find bloody parts of your tongue in their evening meals.

#6 Make Tools

With a knife and enough patience you can create countless tools from stones, wood and cord.

From fishing spears to primitive stone hammers, shovels, a bow, a slingshot, a sled, drying racks, tent poles and makeshift weapons: Your imagination is the limit.

And yes you can carve a dragon figurine for your mom as a souvenir should you ever return to civilization.

#7 Digging

Don’t shit where you eat. Seriously.

In a pinch or when the ground is frozen solid your survival knife doubles as an emergency shovel.

You can dig up worms and other critters for fishing bait or snare traps.

Don’t underestimate the value of a deep poop hole so you don’t have to stroll trough the smell of your feces all day.

Scoop out a grave for that poor fellow that didn’t have a survival knife to keep him alive…

…or find a fresh grave, dig it up and see if you can find anything… useful.

#8 Rescue Someone

If you’re not yet tired of your wife and kids a survival knife makes a great rescue tool.

You can cut trough seat belts, or even thin sheets of metal and smash glass windows with the pommel of your knife without injuring yourself.

Or use your knife to build a sled to carry away an incapacitated person or big game you’ve shot (which counts as rescue for your empty stomach).

#9 Field Medicine

Use your knife to lever a cut open to clean a wound, cut bandages or cauterize a badly bleeding wound with a hot knife blade.

Pull glass shards, splinters or shotgun pellets out of a wound or carve a makeshift crutch to hobble around.

Your knife is the most basic medical tool you’ll carry around.

#10 Self-Defense

Grizzly bear? I call it lunch.

Survival knives are NOT meant to be used to fight animals or humans. If you try, there’s a good chance you’ll hurt yourself more than your opponent.

That said if you can’t outrun your foe and don’t have a gun it just feels better to have some kind of weapon compared to your bare hands.

Now, this list is by no means exhaustive.

You can come up with all kinds of creative uses for your knife. Like signaling or use it as a screw driver or prying tool.

But I think you get the point: A survival knife is damn useful.